On the National Priorities List (NPL) since 1986, the Sheboygan River and Harbor Superfund Site (the Site) is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan approximately fifty-five miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in Sheboygan County.  The Site includes a former manufacturing site and the lower fourteen miles of the Sheboygan River from the Sheboygan Falls Dam downstream to, and including, the Inner Harbor.  This segment of the river flows west to east through the cities of Sheboygan Falls, Kohler, and Sheboygan before entering Lake Michigan.

Welcome to The Assured Group

The Assured Group of Companies is a closely held investment group, with an emphasis in real and personal property. The group’s vertically integrated set of capabilities and resources enable it to acquire and improve land in an economically advantageous manner, including lower costs, smaller debt burdens, and longer-term investment horizons.

Our mission is to be a customer-focused, community-sensitive environmental risk management company structuring and implementing innovative yet cost-effective remediation solutions to meet the specific contamination problems facing companies.